Here are some new ETF’s that will be hitting the market tomorrow (11/5) in a ground-breaking fashion. These ETF’s will provide 3x the returns of a particular index that it is tracking or it will trade 3x inversely. I’m not sure as to how popular they will be right off the bat, but I’m sure they will pick up steam overtime much as the ProShares ETF’s did. I wouldn’t try trading these right away though, as you don’t quite know how consistent the returns versus the index they are tracking will be.

So what’s next? 4x…maybe 5x index ETF’s.

Fund Name | Symbol | Benchmark | Leverage

Bull Funds

Direxion Large Cap Bull 3x Shares | BGU | Russell 1000 Index | 300%

Direxion Small Cap Bull 3x Shares | TNA | Russell 2000 Index | 300%

Direxion Energy Bull 3x Shares | ERX | Russell 1000 Energy Index | 300%

Direxion Financial Bull 3x Shares | FAS | Russell 1000 Financial Services Index | 300%

Bear Funds

Direxion Large Cap Bear 3x Shares | BGZ | Russell 1000® Index | -300%

Direxion Small Cap Bear 3x Shares | TZA | Russell 2000® Index | -300%

Direxion Energy Bear 3x Shares | ERY | Russell 1000® Energy Index | -300%

Direxion Financial Bear 3x Shares | FAZ | Russell 1000® Financial Services Index | -300%