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A few Short Setups for Friday and Beyond

2011-09-02T09:23:33-04:00September 2, 2011|

First let me start off by saying be careful not to jump on the "futures down big" bandwagon this morning when initiating short potions.  Instead wait for the market to settle and stalk you entries. DO NOT chase a gap down when shorting a stock.  This market could easily rally [...]

Stalking your Entries Part #1 GSB – GlobalSPACE Inc.

2011-08-30T21:52:25-04:00August 30, 2011|

  Most traders (if not all) have a list of stocks that are consider their “go to” trades. At certain price levels these stocks just seem to “find a floor” or after big sell-offs these stocks “always bounce back”. It just always seems like no matter what, whether it be [...]

4 Low Risk, High Reward Trade Set-Ups

2011-07-22T08:30:00-04:00July 22, 2011|

Here a few few trade set-ups with good up side potential going into trading today.  (7/22/2011)  These set-ups also provide very good ( tight ) stops which make them low risk-high reward type set-ups. […]

6 Trades to Profit from on 7/15

2011-07-15T08:41:29-04:00July 15, 2011|

Here is set-ups and list of stocks I will be watching/trading today.  After recent weakness due to all the uncertainty surrounding Euro Debt and the bickering about the US debt ceiling, GOOG came in with a solid quarter which should help to raise optimism for earnings season going forward.    [...]

11 Hot Trades (Charts ) for 7/6

2011-07-06T08:11:40-04:00July 6, 2011|

Here is my trading watch-list going into the open today.  Ideally the market will open a little weaker and provide us clean entries into  these trades if the market turns higher later in the morning or early in afternoon.  Be careful not to chase or get over zealous about a [...]

Trading Watchlist 7/1

2011-07-01T08:46:07-04:00July 1, 2011|

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Be safe and take some profits today!  1.) because we are overextended and due for a pullback & 2.) because it makes for a better holiday weekend :). Here are the stocks and set-ups on my radar today.   […]

Beyond the Technicals – High Growth Swing Trades for your Portfolio

2023-03-04T09:48:06-05:00June 30, 2011|

If you’ve joined the Shareplanner Trading network, its inevitable that you’ve recognized I like to day trade, and swing trade predominantly based on technical analysis, with a small dose of emphasis on fundamentals.  My preferred technical set-ups aren’t fancy.  In fact they are quite simple and predominately focused on B/O [...]

Beyond the Technicals

2011-06-22T07:54:57-04:00June 22, 2011|

Here are some possible swing trades I am watching.  Swing trades, for me, are trades that can have a portfolio duration of as little as a week, to a much as a few months.  I enter the positions after 1.)  I have filtered ( screen ) based on fundamentals, 2.) [...]

Some Swings and Scalps for Today

2011-06-17T08:41:15-04:00June 17, 2011|

I am already pretty long going into today open.  ( TNH, CALP, OME, CIM, ALB)  With the futures up and all the uncertainty still surrounding the Euro Zone ( Greek Debacle ) I look to lighten up this morning and maybe transfer some money into these names as day trades [...]

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