Podcast Episode #405: Too Many Stocks

2024-04-05T17:39:13-04:00April 5, 2024|

How can traders narrow their focus within their watchlist when there are too many stocks showing up as potential trade candidates. In this podcast episode, Ryan tackles this question with some quick and easy ways you can narrow your focus to just a handful of stocks. 

Podcast Episode #404: Don’t Trade Prop Firms

2024-04-03T13:55:13-04:00April 3, 2024|

Ryan talks about why prop firms (aka proprietary firms) should be avoided at all costs and why it is the hardest path to take in finding and achieving success at swing trading the stock market. 

Podcast Episode #403: Scientific Stock Speculation Part 2

2024-03-29T04:05:57-04:00March 29, 2024|

Ryan covers the second part of a little known book from 1920 written by Charles H. Dow, called "Scientific Stock Speculation", and what his views were on short selling stocks, market cycles, and discretionary accounts. 

Podcast Episode #401: One Technical Indicator

2024-03-17T18:22:12-04:00March 17, 2024|

What is the one technical indicator that Ryan would choose over any other indicator? And how does gambling in the casinos, and on sports not correlate with trading in the stock market? Find out in Ryan's latest podcast! 

Podcast Episode #399: Trading Big Movers

2024-03-10T14:56:53-04:00March 10, 2024|

In the current market, where stocks are flying higher, and look like they could just keep going even higher, how do we manage the profits that come from some of these high flying semiconductor stocks like NVDA, SMCI, MSTR, or AMD? In this podcast episode, learn what Ryan does to [...]

Podcast Episode #398: Trading the Same Stocks

2024-03-08T12:56:12-05:00March 7, 2024|

Ryan discusses whether one should avoid trading the same stocks multiple times in a short period of time. Also discusses the impact of the wash sale rule as it pertains to swing trading. 

Podcast Episode #397: Trading Within Your Means

2024-03-05T20:28:23-05:00February 29, 2024|

Far too often swing traders expect far too much from the capital they are trading with. In this podcast episode of swing trading the stock market Ryan talks about setting realistic expectations for you and the money that you are trading. 

Podcast Episode #395: Bull Flag Trading

2024-03-05T20:33:47-05:00February 22, 2024|

Can a stock form a bull flag following an earnings gap to the upside? And if so, can it or should it be traded? In this swing trading podcast episode, Ryan talks about the bull flag patterns and the things to know surrounding the pattern and earnings. 

Podcast Episode #394: Good Faith Violations

2024-02-16T14:06:40-05:00February 16, 2024|

Good Faith Violations from your broker can be really annoying to deal with. In this episode Ryan addresses these challenges and what a trader can do to better avoid them. Click here to subscribe: https://shareplanner.com/tradingblock 

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