Podcast Episode #357: OCO & OSO Orders for Part-Time Traders

2023-08-30T21:19:11-04:00August 30, 2023|

Trading can be a daunting task, especially for part-time swing traders juggling other responsibilities. In this episode, I break down conditional orders, specifically OCO (Order Cancels Order) and OSO (Order Sends Order) orders, to help part-time swing traders maximize efficiency and effectiveness, even though they can't always be in front [...]

Podcast Episode #355: Anticipating Stock Market Crashes

2023-08-24T10:15:04-04:00August 24, 2023|

As market volatility remains a recurring theme in the stock market, the ability to anticipate stock market crashes becomes invaluable for swing traders, even if you can't predict exactly when (as if anyone actually could). In this episode, I dive deep into historical patterns, warning signs, and the subtle indicators [...]

Podcast Episode #350: Learn How to Best Scan for Stocks

2023-08-04T18:40:43-04:00August 4, 2023|

It's the 350th episode of Swing Trading the Stock Market. In this podcast episode, "Learn How to Best Scan for Stocks", I'm diving deep into the fascinating world of stock scanning. We'll walk through top strategies to filter out the noise and focus on those high potential stocks that the [...]

Podcast Episode #349: Managing Profits and Profit Taking

2023-08-02T18:49:09-04:00August 2, 2023|

In this podcast I unravel my strategy behind taking profits in big winning investments when they're up over 100%. This podcast episode illuminates not only the art of booking profits to mitigate risk but also the skill of reinvesting those profits for potential long-term gains. Through real-life examples, I break [...]

Podcast Episode #348: Swing Trading Penny Stocks

2023-07-31T00:49:43-04:00July 31, 2023|

In this episode of Swing Trading the Stock Market, I take a deep dive into the world of swing trading penny stocks, shedding light on the potential dangers and major risks involved in this high-stakes endeavor. Join me as I explore why swing trading with penny stocks can be a [...]

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