This screen is the exact opposite of the Insider Buying screen I provided yesterday. Instead, this screen seeks to find those stocks that are seeing insiders continuously selling over a period of time. Now granted, insider selling, is not necessarily something to frown upon – because CEO’s, CFO’s, and the rest of their ilk need cash every once and a while to buy the latest gulfstream or the bigger yacht, and as a result have to raise some cash in the form of exercising their stock options. With that said though, what I am looking for are stocks that see insiders continuously selling their shares, after having had a high level of ownership to begin with. There’s not many companies that fit this requirement to begin with, but if you are looking to play the contrarian card in this market and as a result, you’re needing to find some stocks to short, then use this as a primer for your research.

Here are the 6 Stocks Insiders are Selling