This market has been on one heck of a rally, and recently, as of yesterday, broke through some pretty significant resistance levels. I’m sure though that there are some out there that are a bit hesitant about getting to aggressive with their long positions. As a result you might be looking for those stocks that doesn’t see a lot of volatility and won’t fall through the floor, should this market make a turn downward.  A good compromise is to look for those stocks that are dependable, stable, collect a respectable dividend and hold their value at the same time.

So, I’ve run my screen below on the 28 best defensive plays out there right now. My favorite of all the stocks this time around is Barrick Gold (ABX) which has recently broken out to 52-week highs. The stock has had to push through some significant resistance and now that it has, could see a push into the $50’s. 

Here are 28 Defensive Stocks.