Below is a list of 16 potential takeover targets based on value and the ability to acquire the company. I didn’t put a limit on the size of the company, so there are some ‘Gigantors’ in the list below, but nothing like a Wal-Mart or Microsoft or anything close to it. All of the companies are acquirable and have solid financials that would make them a luring target for a bigger fish. Not everyone of these will be taken over or any of them at all (in case you were looking for some kind of guarantee), but the point is to get you started on finding some gem of an idea that could lead to a takeover. Who knows? Maybe your best trade of the year lies somewhere in the list below!

The number of stocks returned below is the same number as before, however there is a good amout of turnover in the list. Stocks such as XL Capital (XL) and Louisiana-Pacific (LPX) remain to-date my favorite stocks from the list below.

Here are the 16 Takeover Stocks.