The indices are making new all-time highs on a regular basis, following NVDA, MSFT and AAPL – but is it time for the “everything else rally”?

But what about all the other stocks that have been lagging behind? In this video, I’ll explore whether these overlooked stocks are poised to play catch-up and join the rally.

In this video I’ll discuss:

  • Current market trends and how it creates a potential everything else rally.
  • How three stocks rallying is causing nearly all other stocks to lag
  • How the stock market blackout period on buybacks could impact stocks
  • RSP equal weight comparison vs SPY weighted ETF.

As the market sentiment remains bullish for a handful of stocks, investors are wondering if the rising tide will lift all boats. By examining historical trends, market dynamics, and individual stock characteristics, I’ll assess the likelihood of an “everything else” rally in the days ahead.

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