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Podcast Episode #341: Avoiding Large Drawdowns

2023-07-05T18:49:09-04:00July 5, 2023|

How does one avoid large drawdowns and what trading tips does Ryan have for someone who is seeing wild fluctuations in their portfolio? In this podcast episode Ryan dives deep into the types of stocks one trades, the timing of one's trading, and avoiding taking swing trades that will have [...]

Podcast Episode #333: Figuring Out Gaps

2023-06-02T14:35:29-04:00June 2, 2023|

Can gaps be predicted? How do you trade gaps and what are the risks involved in equites as it pertains to swing trading stocks prone to gapping higher and lower on a day-to-day basis? Find out in this podcast episode with Ryan Mallory. Whiskey: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Be sure [...]

Podcast Episode #332: Is The Stock Market Stupid?

2023-05-24T01:12:37-04:00May 24, 2023|

Should it be assumed the stock market is stupid? And if it truly is stupid, how then do we trade it? Ryan answers the question that has been asked by most traders this year in frustration with the never-ending bidding up of this stock market. Whiskey: Old Forester 1897 BiB [...]

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