Futures are pointing to a negative opening after weakness overseas in the Asian markets as well as European. Apple and Yahoo had well received earnings reports, but may serve only to provide a cushion for the Nasdaq to the downward selling pressures we are seeing heading in the market’s open. In any case – four stocks on our watchlist today – and they are all shorts. Nothing here worth buying! The first is our favorite followed by some others. If you want to know our strategy for each of these, or which ones we will actually put out there for our subscribers then you better join the fun.

CRY nearly doubled on no major news and on declining volume.


Here’s the rest…

A previous short of ours, that looks primed for shorting also despite its weak attempt at a rally.


Not our favorite setup – but with today’s market pressures there is probably some money to be made here.


Successfully shorted this stock earlier this month, and then went on to hit 52-week hights. Thank goodness we were there for that. This is another high-risk play, that I would urge caution on.