Outside of Linn Energy (LINE), the SPDR Dow 30 (DIA) is my largest position in the portfolio right now. Pretty good setup with a solid risk-reward opportunity at hand. I shorted this stock with with the idea that today’s market just seemed too manufactured and unsustainable. Also, I have a hard time letting a weak rally go to waste, so I used it to add one final position to the portfolio, in preparation for the move down that I have been anticipating for a while now.

As it currently  stands I am 96% vested, with only one long position in gold (GLD), which in and of itself has been like a short on the market as well, considering its recent moves of late. As I’ve said before, after seeing today’s late intraday sell-off, I think we will see one heck of a Thursday and Friday, that will make the bulls start throwing themselves out of the high-risers Surprised.

Here’s the Chart on DIA.