The bulls are trying to make it a rare 2-day rally. 

Or at least such an event has been non existent for the past three weeks, so any kind of consistency, even if it lasts only a few days, is welcomed. 

I’ve added a couple of new positions to the portfolio today and look to add more in the days that follow, if the bulls can hold this market together, and keep the breakout we are seeing, out of consolidation, alive and well. 

While I remain bullish on healthcare, and its potential breakout that we are seeing going back to Friday, today it has been tough sledding, so if bullishness on the daily chart can survive the day, then the rally going forward, I suspect will do the same. Meanwhile, today’s sell-off in Energy is really throwing everything for a loop on its sector chart and makes last week’s bounce look very much like a dead-cat bounce. Tomorrow will be key for it to turn it all around. 

With all that said, below is my list of bullish swing-trades you need to be following. There’s a lot of hope in the semiconductors – their charts are looking solid across the board. 

Here’s the bullish swing-trades to follow:

bullish watch list for swing trades 6 4 18