All the bulls out there will be happy to know that I haven’t totally forgotten about them lately (give me credit until today, I held a long position in QQQQ for almost three days straight). Last week’s long watch-list was bare-bones to say the least with only 15 stocks representing. This week, I have more than doubled the number and increased the total to 34.

The basis for me adding a stock to my watch-list falls under one of three conditions:

1) Price and volume pattern offers a promising entry with a low-risk/high reward opportunity

2) Stock has already seen a significant rally in recent days or weeks, but still remains on the list for a possible entry on a light-volume pullback.

3) Stock is one of intrigue to me that I just like to keep around, in case there is a setup that arises, that is too good to pass up.

Those stocks highlighted in yellow represent carry overs from the previously published watch-list – 11 of the 15 stocks carried over this time around, which means 23 of the stocks listed below are brand new to the list.

Here are the 34 Long Setups.