Another Monday, another rally, albeit a small one this time. 

The inverse correlation between the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 persists, with the latter only rallying hard when it needs to cover for the former and vice versa. 

Of course, you still have Robinhood Bros piling into Apple (AAPL) in mass, and I’m not sure how long that can last before they finally get straight up destroyed. What’s interesting is that they are fleeing the setups that show, in my opinion, some solid opportunities to go long on – namely the airlines and cruise liners. My current watch-lists are below and I will be closely watching them throughout the week. If you want the updated list as the week progresses, well, you’re going to want to be in the SharePlanner Trading Black for that. 

Here’s my watch-list of long setups I am following:

bullish watch list 8 10 20

Here’s my watch-list of short setups I am following:

bearish watch list 8 10

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