This is a new feature that I want to start doing, and that is providing for you each week a review of the previous week’s trading. Since today’s is Tuesday, I will not evaluate the previous 5 trade setups…yet. Instead for this write-up, I will focus only on July 21-27. Each morning I provide daily trade setups, and for the purposes of this exercise, I took the price at the market open that day I issued the stock pick (which typically isn’t my preferred time to initiate a trade, personally), and looked at the gains, had I held up until today. For next week, I will provide the performance for July 28 – Aug 3 (today).

As you can see, it only takes one or two good trades to perform well – the obvious ones here were Athena Health (17.6%) and Chico’s FAS (13.3%).

Here are the Trading Results