In this market it always feels like keeping a short watch-list is a waste of time. But it’s not. 

These watch-lists I put out every week, actually create some incredible returns for traders. Now granted, in a raging bull market that seems to be putting in new all-time highs day after day, after day, yeah, a number of them won’t work, but for the hopeless bear, there are some really good nuggets in here. 

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Take a look at stocks like Dropbox (DBX) that has been on this list week after week, it is in the process of new all-time lows. Or Southern Company (SO) that has a nice topping pattern that is forming here. Hasn’t confirmed yet, but definitely worth watching. Or how about Tilray (TLRY) that has been on this list for months, and simply keeps trending lower. 

The opportunities are there, you just have to keep looking for them. 

Take a look at the bearish watch-list below: 

bearish watch list 12 10