Good Morning and Happy New Year to you all. The new trading year kicks off in just a couple of hours, and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. I’ve taken the last couple of weeks off (somewhat), did some skiing out in Utah, spent some time with family, and I am now ready to take 2010 on full speed ahead. 

Futures are also trying to get off to a healthy start with the Dow currently up 38 points, the Nasdaq up 20, and the S&P up 7 points. There is a couple of reports worth noting, with the ISM Manufacturing Index and Construction Spending both coming out at 10am EST. Also remember that earnings season is upon us with Alcoa (AA) set to start things off on the 11th of this month.

You’ll also notice below that I added a new category called “Potential Swing Trades” for both long and short setups. I will use this to replace the bullish candle setups. Hope you enjoy! 

Here are Today’s Trading Ideas…

Potential Swing Trades (Long): SPIL, ELOS, MAXY, SFE, FTO, CHU, GIVN, CNA, KSP, ALTH

Potential Swing Trades (Short): BGC, KMT, OXM, RDY, CMO, OPEN

Stocks Ready to Bounce: None

Stocks Ready to Pullback: FINL, AMCS, EROC 

Breakout Stocks: None

Breakdown Stocks: None