Dadgumit! This is my second attempt at the morning write up – all but finished with the first one, and I hit the backspace to delete a word, and instead it took me to the prior web page I was on and totally wiped out my post for this morning. So hear I am making another go of it – but before I go any further, I must let out a little hot-air about having to re-do this whole post, along with all the scans,etc…


Okay – I feel much better!

Overnight, the US Futures were all over the place: up-down, up-down, and up again, as currently they are up 30 points on the Dow, 7 points on the Nasdaq and 4.25 on the S&P. Asian markets as a whole saw significant selling overnight, of over 1% in declines. European markets are holding their own by trading with a slight negative bias. No major reports to speak of this morning – so today will be purely about whether the bulls has what it takes to respond to the noticable selling taking place over the past few days.

Here are Today’s Trade Setups…

Bullish Candle Setups: FAF, SII, IACI, THG, BPI, IRDM

Bearish Candle Setups: OSIS, SYY, HGG

Stocks Ready to Bounce: SWS, MLNX

Stocks Ready to Pullback: WW, OSIS, DAL, PLAB, PRSC, HLIT, ACN, HGG, TAN, EFR, TBB 

Breakout Stocks: IART, MLNK, ITC

Breakdown Stocks: RRC, CS, IRM, FLR, RIG, STR, OIH