Another day, another rally, what else could you possibly expect. 

Okay, maybe I am jumping the gun here a little bit, because the S&P 500 and Dow are in the red, but who cares, because with the Nasdaq trading higher right now, and the Russell 2000 extending its rally from Friday another 1/2 percent, what’s to say that all four indices don’t finish green on the day!?

Downright nuts you ask? For sure. 

But the market does what it wants, I haven’t participated in it this month, as I have taken a dominant cash position, so yeah, hindsight can make one irritated at seeing a market fueled by the Fed, actually make one wonder how long before the Nasdaq hits all time highs again, considering it is only -11% away and the Nasdaq 100 is only -9% from achieving the same thing? 

Below I have put my watch-list of stocks together for a rally that has yet to close shop and one that has everybody FOMO’g at the mouth over. I get that it is easy to believe you are missing out on a great rally, and that “better late than never” feels like it should apply here, but the intraday price swings we are still seeing here, leaves me weary that we are yet to come out of the woods on this economic mess just yet. 

Here’s my watch-list of long setups I am following:

bullish watch list 4 20

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