Apparently asking other people, whether they be traders, investors or none of the above to bail you out of bad trades and financial decisions is becoming more commonplace these days. 

Here’s another trader who ‘allegedly’ made some horrific trades and now he is down and out. I didn’t see anything about what he actually lost except for the fact that he is asking for $200,000. 

I’m kind of curious to see what he gets more of: people sharing the link to the article based on how asinine the individual is to ask for this kind of bailout or actual dollars. I think he gets more shares. The fact that, as of this writing, he has already raised $35 is a travesty for mankind.

So who ever this Matt Reed guy is, he might have done himself a favor if he put a better story together rather than complain about not being able to buy his girlfriend an overpriced engagement ring or a down payment to a house.

Oh, and what kind of house is this gy buying and what kind of ring is his girlfriend demanding that requires $200,000!?!

gofundme matt reed