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Macro Musings & Triple Witching Monday

2013-04-13T00:26:56-04:00April 13, 2013|

Remember how April started with a correction scare after the S&P reached new highs? There were rumors of 5% corrections down to 1450 sprinkled in with the 5-15 minute reminders on the financial news channel that we are, or were just a moment ago, at record highs. Then, the pullback [...]

The Thrust!

2013-04-11T22:49:30-04:00April 11, 2013|

I've been spending some time playing with TOS programming to create and customize my own indicators.  A slick cloud effect should help to better visualize price direction, and a "Thrust Rating" of my own creation to qualify trends and surges.  I'm looking forward to using Thrust to better time my [...]

/ES Post Game Recap, April 9, 2013

2013-04-09T17:20:04-04:00April 9, 2013|

  What? 2.2% drop in S&P futures from alltime highs in three days? Well how ’bout we just fix that back in two?  My morning prediction of ending the Christmas Parade of red-green candles came true with two greens taking /ES to new (intraday) highs.  I’m glad I didn’t have [...]

/ES /TF Pre-Coffee Analysis

2013-04-09T07:58:35-04:00April 9, 2013|

Looks like the 3:30-4:00 pm Daily Ramp has saved the /ES back to support-only mode, with only that record high standing in the way to continued wealth effect for the consumers of America.  We'll ignore, of course, the low volume of that HUGE green candle from yesterday.  Volume doesn't seem [...]

/ES for April 8, 2013

2013-04-07T22:06:07-04:00April 7, 2013|

The Christmas-like red-green red-green candles continue on. The /ES this evening is starting out as a little green doji, but should end the day green if the ABAB pattern continues.  The short-term trend is down, but Friday’s panic sell bounced roughly around my long-term uptrend. […]

Cracks are Showing

2013-04-03T00:17:04-04:00April 3, 2013|

  As I sit in my meager looking Bear Camp, a place that has looked more and more run-down over the past couple of years, I still get excited over possible cracks in the bull run that is now over 4 years old.  After doing this long enough, one will [...]

Guest Post: Thoughts on ES

2013-04-01T22:23:52-04:00April 1, 2013|

Taking a late-night look at S&P 500 futures.  This market has been going through violent swings, bouncing hard against a range that appears like a shakeout before a big move. Since starting to look at futures, I’ve been looking harder at candle setups and moving averages.  And I notice two [...]

Back in Black

2012-11-08T00:52:13-05:00November 8, 2012|

The Edgy Investor is attempting to make a comeback into the SharePlanner fold.  I have a new (read: faster) computer that should be able to handle blog posts, I have a new regular-job that should allow me more opportunities to daytrade than in the past, and I have a new [...]

Jump Around!

2012-06-26T12:58:02-04:00June 26, 2012|

Out of frustration with trying to post updates on this site, I have returned to my Blogger roots.  If Ryan will approve, I would like to continue to post links to those entries here.  I'll keep it simple for now until I find out what boss-man has to say. Until [...]

Macro & Cheese Leftovers, Part 1

2012-05-01T17:01:20-04:00May 1, 2012|

My last post compared current market action to a similar pattern setup at the end of 2010.  Two days later, I thought I’d follow up with an update of how things are going.  See below: On left, the old data, on the right is the current close of the S&P.  [...]

Macro & Cheese

2012-04-27T17:14:32-04:00April 27, 2012|

I was looking at April’s action in the indices, trying to figure out which way it’s gonna go out of this range boundary that we’ve been in since March.  When looking at a (much) longer time frame, I noticed a similar-shaped pattern formed in the S&P back in 2010. I’ve [...]

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