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Trading Block: October 11, 2023

2023-10-11T09:15:04-04:00October 11, 2023|

Trading Notes: PPI # out this morning and while it came in hot, the market hasn't shown much concern for it. Right now the market is in a dead cat bounce, and often times bad news has little effect on the technical bounce. Not to mention the 10-year yield is [...]

Trading Block: October 10, 2023

2023-10-10T09:09:49-04:00October 10, 2023|

Trading Notes: SPY continues to bounce off of the rising trend-line from the '22 October lows. Now heavy resistance looms at $433 that began in '21 September. Headline risk looms large for stocks with war unfolding in the Middle East. If Iran is directly involved that could create a far greater risk [...]

Trading Block: October 9, 2023

2023-10-08T22:02:07-04:00October 8, 2023|

Trading Notes: You have a huge headline risk event over the weekend involving Israel and Hamas. As a result, futures are gapping lower on Sunday night, followed by a rally in crude, currently over +4%. Since the Sunday night open, futures have held steady following the gap down, but there [...]

Trading Block: October 6, 2023

2023-10-05T21:49:24-04:00October 5, 2023|

Trading Notes: Despite the indices (minus the Russell 2000) finishing lower Thursday, a late-day rally managed to rally the market off lows of the day. Employment number on Friday is likely to have a big impact on equities. Come in hot (above expectations) and the market is likely to struggle, [...]

Trading Block: October 5, 2023

2023-10-04T23:28:46-04:00October 4, 2023|

Trading Notes: There's the potential for a bounce here following Wednesday's strong afternoon rally. The key for Thursday will be follow-through. The second day of a dead cat bounce tends to be one of the most difficult days, as the bears are usually working hard to push back against the [...]

Trading Block: October 4, 2023

2023-10-04T08:50:21-04:00October 4, 2023|

Trading Notes: Since the European market open, futures have rallied non-stop off of their lows, setting up for what feels like, at this point, an inevitable bounce. Any bounce played here deserves a tight leash, and the success of any bounce will largely depend on the 10-year yield pulling back [...]

When’s the Stock Market Going to Rally?

2023-10-03T22:25:43-04:00October 3, 2023|

Stock have been in a steep sell-off of late and poised for a bounce here in the near term. Can we expect a dead cat bounce here? Or will the stock market crash continue for the foreseeable future. In this video, I provide my technical analysis for SPY, QQQ, IWM [...]

Trading Block: October 3, 2023

2023-10-03T08:58:34-04:00October 3, 2023|

Trading Notes: For good reason yesterday, I didn't play the bounce and that was because the breadth was incredibly negative - over 4:1 in favor of declining stocks - and only big tech was providing anything positive for investors. Today the market looks to open the day by reversing yesterday's [...]

Trading Block: October 2, 2023

2023-10-03T08:48:04-04:00October 2, 2023|

Trading Notes: While QQQ managed to eek out the slightest of gains for the week, SPY finished lower for a fifth consecutive week. The script on the market has flipped from extreme bullishness that was seen over the summer to extreme bearishness. The price action between the two is very similar, where there [...]

Trading Block: September 29, 2023

2023-10-04T23:13:52-04:00September 29, 2023|

Trading Notes: The early makings of a bounce may be had here. It wasn't the cleanest trading session on Thursday, as the market simply traded in a very chopping manner after the initial run over the first 1.5 hours of trading. But most importantly was SPY holding its rising trend-line off [...]

Trading Block: September 28, 2023

2023-09-28T09:18:33-04:00September 28, 2023|

Trading Notes: I am not in a rush to buy this market dip or attempt the bounce that seems long overdue. With the 10 year yield spiking this morning, it simply puts more pressure on equities going forward. There has to be some bottoming in TLT, in order to gain confidence [...]

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