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I closed the following: SSO & XLV

2024-04-24T12:39:35-04:00April 24, 2024|

I closed the following: SSO & XLV I closed the rest of SSO at 71.40 for +0.7% I closed the rest of XLV at 140.43 for +0.9% Heavy selling in big tech raising significant concerns for me here.

Trading Block Update

2024-04-24T00:10:21-04:00April 24, 2024|

Trading Notes: Seeing a decent bounce coming to fruition for the bulls here after three straight weeks of selling. However, chasing new positions here, until there's the confidence that this market rally is more than just a dead cat bounce, sets up for heightened risk exposure. As a result, I'm [...]

Stock Market Oscillator Update

2024-04-23T23:30:38-04:00April 23, 2024|

Today's Reading for 4/23/24: 27.90 Current Reading: Tilting Bearish Additional Notes: Market bounce from Monday saw follow through on Tuesday. In the coming days should get a better feel for whether this is a dead cat bounce or not. Strong reversal attempt off recent lows for SMO. Interpreting the Chart: [...]

How To Use Anchored VWAP During a Stock Market Bounce

2024-04-23T18:59:04-04:00April 23, 2024|

Learn how to effectively use the Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price (or Anchored VWAP) indicator during a stock market bounce Key Takeaways: Identifying a stock market bounce & using Anchored VWAP Strategies for applying Anchored VWAP during a market recovery Real-world examples using current trade setups For those who don't [...]

Trading Block Update

2024-04-23T08:23:47-04:00April 23, 2024|

Trading Notes: Key for the stock market today, and in particular the indices, is whether it can build upon yesterday's attempt at a bounce. Follow through will be absolutely key here. At this point, I have two positions, but won't look to add more exposure unless this bounce attempt turns [...]

Stock Market Oscillator Update

2024-04-23T00:29:44-04:00April 23, 2024|

Today's Reading for 4/22/24: 22.38 Current Reading: Tilting Bearish Additional Notes: Minor movement to the upside which is also doing a good job reflecting overall market direction as well. Interpreting the Chart: 0-10 is "Extreme Oversold" and is typically seen in strong 'Risk-Off' market conditions, and can be indicative of [...]

Important Update: Trading Block Notifications Regarding WhatsApp

2024-04-23T00:18:53-04:00April 23, 2024|

Dear Trading Block Members, I hope this email finds you well. I have an important update regarding the WhatsApp notifications. WhatsApp, without warning, discontinued the ability to provide broadcast lists over the weekend, which I have been using to send out real-time notifications for my swing trades. As a result, [...]

New Long Setup: SSO

2024-04-22T14:18:25-04:00April 22, 2024|

New Long Setup: SSO My SSO Entry Price: 70.92 My stop-loss: 68.73 My target price: 74.90 Risk Rating: 4.1 Looks like the broadcast functionality for Whatsapp isn't currently working... will look into what is going on with that after the closing bell

Trading Block Update

2024-04-22T00:48:01-04:00April 22, 2024|

Trading Notes: Some signs under the surface on Friday that the market was starting to show signs of wanting to bounce. The weakness in large, mega-cap, tech stocks were masking some of the underlying strength that was being had by other stocks. Any trade that comes from this bounce will [...]

Stock Market Oscillator Update

2024-04-20T22:46:26-04:00April 20, 2024|

Today's Reading for 4/19/24: 21.71 Current Reading: Tilting Bearish Additional Notes: Some signs under the surface of a market bounce that could be seen in the short-term. Also slight bump higher on the SMO, adding to the increasing likelihood of a near-term bounce. Interpreting the Chart: 0-10 is "Extreme Oversold" [...]

Trading Block Update

2024-04-19T09:04:42-04:00April 19, 2024|

Trading Notes: Yesterday marked the fifth straight day that the S&P 500 finished lower. In the process the index is now flirting with conditions that are conducive to a bounce - i.e. its oversold in the short-term. Last night, futures fell apart on escalating tensions between Israel and Iran, only [...]

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