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Closed CSX 34.08

2024-05-14T10:56:03-04:00May 14, 2024|

I sold the rest of CSX at 34.08 for a small profit. Above average selling pressure, pushing it below its rising trend-line from the May lows.

Trading Block Update

2024-05-14T18:40:02-04:00May 14, 2024|

Trading Notes: PPI came out this morning and the results were slightly hotter than expected. While the market initially sold off pretty swiftly, it is now grappling with the dip buying algos attempting to push it back higher. The first 30 minutes to an hour of trading today will go [...]

The Risks of Following Roaring Kitty’s Meme Stock Mania

2024-05-13T23:29:22-04:00May 13, 2024|

The Risks of Following Roaring Kitty's Meme Stock Mania The return of Roaring Kitty has reignited the meme stock mania, with GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC) experiencing significant price surges. However, blindly following the hype can be a risky endeavor for traders. I've also provided a video where I'll [...]

Stock Market Oscillator Update

2024-05-13T19:48:00-04:00May 13, 2024|

Today's Reading for 5/13/24: 62.90 Current Reading: Tilting Bullish Additional Notes: Despite a ho-hum kind of day out of the market, where SPY was about as flat as could be, the market SMO moved up a level to tilting bullish, heading into the PPI report on Tuesday and CPI on [...]


2024-05-13T12:30:33-04:00May 13, 2024|

The previous email subject line said I closed 1/3 of CSX, when it should have read: "New Long Setup NVDA". I have not closed 1/3 of CSX today (though I did, as previously emailed, closed 1/3 of CSX last Friday). The last email, as the email body stated, was about [...]

New Long Setup: NVDA

2024-05-13T12:26:07-04:00May 13, 2024|

New long setup: NVDA I bought NVDA at 905.42 My stop-loss: 870.35 My Target Price: 1000.00 Risk Rating:4.3 Earnings scheduled for 5/22/24, and will not be holding it through that date. The trade will be closed before then.

Trading Block Update

2024-05-13T09:19:51-04:00May 13, 2024|

Trading Notes: Busy, busy week of economic news and the two most important events will be the PPI tomorrow and the CPI on Wednesday. There is also a ton of Fed speak this week, including tomorrow with Jerome Powell himself. So I do expect the low volume trading conditions from [...]

Stock Market Oscillator Update

2024-05-12T22:22:04-04:00May 12, 2024|

Today's Reading for 5/10/24: 56.69 Current Reading: Neutral Additional Notes: Significant bounce to the upside since late April and the SMO may be in a place where it will need to consolidate ahead of the PPI and CPI reports this upcoming week. Interpreting the Chart: 0-10 is "Extreme Oversold" and [...]

How To Trade Fast Stock Market Reversals

2024-05-10T16:23:22-04:00May 10, 2024|

Fast stock market reversals present unique opportunities for traders to capitalize on quick changes in market direction. By understanding how to identify and trade these reversals, you can potentially generate quick profits in a short period. In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies for trading fast stock market reversals. It’s [...]

Trading Block Update

2024-05-10T08:50:11-04:00May 10, 2024|

Trading Notes: I think this low volume trading environment that we have seen over the course of this past week, will continue into Friday and likely until the PPI report comes out on Tuesday, at the earliest. When the volume gets this low, the indices will, almost by default, steadily [...]

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