Trading Notebook: $DIS $NFLX

December 29, 2023|

$DIS bull flag pattern, but also playable is the bounce off of the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Keep watching the bull flag in $NFLX...not in play today, but could [...]

Trading Notebook: $TSLA $GLD $FBIN

December 27, 2023|

Be leery of rising resistance that has consistently pushed back on $TSLA of late. $GLD pushing through multi year resistance dating back to 2020. $FBIN bull flag working in the [...]

Trading Notebook: $PENN $AFRM $DKNG

December 19, 2023|

$PENN has struggled to hold the breakout above resistance and is once again attempting to change that theory with another breakout attempt. Amazing breakout for $AFRM, but currently running into [...]

Trading Notebook: $DKNG $BA $COST

December 15, 2023|

Head and shoulders nearing a confirmation on $DKNG What changed in from 11 straight weeks of declines for $BA where nobody wanted the stock to 7 straight weeks of dramatic [...]

Trading Notebook: $TSLA $LLY $RIVN

December 14, 2023|

$TSLA clean break of declining resistance with old-trend-line resistance now looming, has previously struggled to push through in the past. Triangle pattern starting to break here, but just underneath it [...]

Trading Notebook: $GLD $SLV $PFE

December 13, 2023|

$GLD attempting to put in a new higher-low, following FOMC. $SLV bouncing off of the rising trend-line, suggesting it doesn't believe inflation is over. $PFE breaking through some major support [...]

FOMC Statement: December 13, 2023

December 13, 2023|

FOMC Statement Recent indicators suggest that growth of economic activity has slowed from its strong pace in the third quarter. Job gains have moderated since earlier in the year but [...]

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