Trading Notebook: $NIO $GS

December 11, 2023|

Nice base forming on $NIO daily. Watch for the breakout above resistance. $GS currently testing the declining trend-line & on the verge of pushing through here. Financials are higher risk [...]

Trading Notebook: $CRSP $SOFI $MS

December 8, 2023|

$CRSP attempting to hold the declining trend-line following a massive sell-off today. Watch for a potential bounce here. $SOFI pushing through the declining channel to the upside. Little resistance until [...]

Trading Notebook: $TNX $PYPL

December 6, 2023|

10 year yield is now testing a major long-term rising trend-line, after selling off almost two months $TNX Similar pattern continues to emerge on $PYPL, and each time it has [...]

Trading Notebook: $CL_F $SYK $CPNG

December 1, 2023|

Crude Tanking! $CL_F $SYK testing resistance for a potential breakout here. Break higher would help to create new higher highs on the existing trend-line. $CPNG attempting to bounce off of [...]

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