Sector Watch: Everything Is Bullish Except For Energy

2019-09-12T12:20:00-04:00September 12, 2019|

I don’t have any issues with any of the sectors right now except for Energy.  Energy is seriously the most unpredictable and untradeable sector right now. Nothing holds to the upside, and just when you think a stock is breaking out, it reverses course and breaks down on you.  [...]

Sector Watch: Topping Patterns Aplenty

2019-08-15T12:50:00-04:00August 15, 2019|

A lot of trend-lines breaks and topping patterns are forming The safe sectors is where big money is putting its capital. Utilities are practically on the brink of new all-time highs. I’d also like to add stocks supporting the military or have big dollars in the Pentagon defense budget are [...]

Sector Watch: Bears Coming Out Of Hybernation

2019-08-01T15:40:00-04:00August 1, 2019|

The market is shedding its bullish act, and taking on a much more bearish tone.  Jerome Powell’s circus yesterday, coupled with Trump’s untimely Chinese tariffs tweets today, has instantly put this market into a tale-spin. Short -term support levels are being violated across the board, and traders are being whip-lashed [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #453

2019-06-13T08:40:00-04:00June 13, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I didn’t add any new positions yesterday as the market didn’t show much willingness to make any meaningful move. I will look to add one or two new positions today.  Indicators Volatility Index (VIX) – Less than a 1% drop yesterday, and continued consolidation over the last [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #452

2019-06-12T09:10:00-04:00June 12, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy The last two trading sessions have seen the bulls slip in holding their intraday gains, so at this point, I am not willing to add more positions to the portfolio until the uptrend shows signs of wanting to resume moving higher.   Indicators Volatility Index (VIX) – Finished [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #451

2019-06-11T09:10:00-04:00June 11, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I have been away for the past week due to the passing of my mother. This will be my first day back at the helm, and ready to get after it. I am still holding two postions in the portfolio, that has benefited greatly from the [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #450

2019-05-31T09:00:00-04:00May 31, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy This has been by far the most difficult month of trading that I have ever seen. I mean, when you have a Twitter account that can bring ruin to the financial markets, it makes predictability a lot more difficult. The month of May started with a [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #449

2019-05-30T08:40:00-04:00May 30, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy Expecting further downside in this market as the head and shoulders pattern on the daily chart confirmed. May see a bounce first, but overall, the volume increased yesterday and it suggests that more traders are becoming concerned and liquidating their positions.  Indicators Volatility Index (VIX) – VIX [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #448

2019-05-29T09:00:00-04:00May 29, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I increased my long exposure yesterday by one position, however, the market wasn’t able to hold on to its early morning gains. The market could be setting up for a hard reversal higher following the morning gap down, which tends to be the more traditional bounce [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #447

2019-05-28T09:00:00-04:00May 28, 2019|

My Swing Trading Strategy I tried to day-trade the bounce yesterday, but there was little juice in the market ahead of the three day weekend. I added one additional swing-trade that I held over the weekend, and will look to add 1-2 more today if this market can hold up [...]

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