$BBRY 30 min Chart – Nice setup forming, after it defended th 13 level. Over 13.98, with some volume it takes off from the launch pad.

BBRY 30 min

$GOLD 30 min chart – Major gap again, if it holds 73.50 (78.6% Fibonacci Level, I will be impressed)

GOLD 30 min

$HLIT Daily Chart – I will be watching this one closely, as the spot where it will open, is also a great opportunity for a short if it have some trouble holding 5.64.

HLIT daily

$NSPH 4 day Chart – There is no business in $NSPH until it crosses and holds above 2.54.

NSPH 4 Hour

$PWER 4 Hour Chart – Monster pop, watch for 6.43 for a possible party pooper spot.

PWER 4 Hour

$SHPG 15 min chart – Really messy chart even for one like me to draw a Fibonacci Level. But I will focus on that 90.90, and if I see any weakness, I will short the stock.

SHPG 15 Min

$YHOO 4 Hour chart – This stock took forever to get 24.99, so normally the way down will be faster. If it can’t hold the 23.6% Fibonacci level, it will be one way down to 22.66.

YHOO 4 Hour

$ZNGA Hourly Chart – I am going to resume this in a few words. Over 3.28 is the launch pad. If it make it over this stock can go.

ZNGA Hourly