$AKAM 2 Day Chart – Nice pop after earnings, Opening betwen 2 Fibonacci levels, I think it goes higher, but it should pullback and hold the 40.88. If it does, and the market is still strong, then it may continue higher, maybe even a good swing overnight, with target at 47.

AKAM 2 day

$ALXN 15 min chart – 91.69 correspond to the 23.6% Fibonacci level. That for me is the launch pad, so if it can stay above that level it will go.

ALXN Daily

$BIIB 5 min Chart – Gaping over 2 Fibonacci levels. If it holds 211.85 (50% Fibonacci Level) it can run another 2 dollars.

BIIB 5 min

$CROX 4 Hour Chart – If it holds 16.10 (61.8% Fibonacci Level) It can run to 17.20.

CROX 4 Hour

$INFN 2 Day Chart – Watch 7.76, if it holds, then it will reach 8.55+.

INFN 2 Day

$LSI 2 Hour Chart – Hold 6.39 (23.6% Fibonacci Level), then it is on the launch pad, and ready to take off.

LSI 2 Hour

$PERI 2 Hour Chart – I personally thinks it is a bit extended specially because it is about to touch the 78.6% Fibonacci Level, but with the market so strong, and if it can hold 12.07, then I do believe it goes hogher.

PERI 2 Hour

$YNDX Hourly Chart – This is not my favorite chart, I decided to draw the line anyway, but as you can see it is a very tight range. 22.82 is the number I need to see $YNDX hold. Not sure it will.

YNDX Hourly