$SHOP with a notable bearish engulfing candle pattern following Monday & Tuesday’s breakout of the bull flag – could be a signal this trade is reversing hard here.
$MVIS – doesn’t get much more parabolic than this. A few questions to ask about this stock: 1) How many times in the past 10 years, or even 1 year for that matter have these parabolic moves come crashing back down 2) Why would one assume that it is different this time. 3) How do you manage a trade by chasing it after it has made a +350% move in just over a month?

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$GME testing some heavy resistance here that has as strong history of rejecting price.
$TSLA long-term resistance getting challenged here and something worth paying close attention to as it gets tested today.
$WTAI inverse head and shoulders breakout on strong volume.

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