A number of head and shoulders patterns trying to form. 

Technology is not currently in the top three, but it is certainly the fourth best sector which places it right in the middle of the pack for now. The market has had a couple of  weeks of late that has not been very easy for traders. The last few days has been met with some bullishness but they certainly cannot be trusted at this juncture. At this point I see a lot of head and shoulders patterns across three different sectors to be aware of. Also interesting is the financial sector’s chart looks quite promising compared to the rest of them, and of course the defensive sectors like Staples and Utilities are by far that the best that the market has to offer right now. 

Here’s what I see as the top 3 sectors right now:

  1. Staples
  2. Discretionary
  3. Financials

The 3 worst sectors are:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Materials
  3. Energy

Let’s review the sectors:

Basic Materials (XLB)

xlb 1

Energy (XLE)

xle 1

Financials (XLF) 

xlf 1

Industrials (XLI)

xli 1

Technology (XLK)

xlk 1

Consumer Staples (XLP)

xlp 1

Utilities (XLU)

xlu 1

Health Care (XLV)

xlv 1

Consumer Disretionary (XLY)

xly 1