Guest Post: Weekly Forecast

2011-01-23T12:21:57-05:00January 23, 2011|

This week’s guest post comes from Adam Beaty over at (definitely worth book-marking). This week, as he has done in week’s past, we have his weekly forecast which I find very helpful in getting the trading energies flowing after a nice long weekend. You can also follow Adam on [...]

Trade the Gap

2023-07-09T17:16:01-04:00December 31, 2010|

  Breakaway Gap Here we see a nice consolidation and finally the buying becomes strong enough to gap the price up.  From there we see a nice run.  This gap takes a non-trending stock and moves it to a trending stock.  As a confirmation of the breakaway gap we want [...]

Weekly Forecast – Dec. 12th

2010-12-12T20:59:54-05:00December 12, 2010|

Guest Poster Adam Beaty, from Bullogic providing his weekly forecast for the markets.  Last week the bulls continued to run the market up slowly but surely.  Let’s see what is in store for us this week. SPX The S&P500 has finally moved passed the 1227 level.  The bulls still hold [...]

Simple Swing Trading Strategy with RSI(2)

2010-12-11T13:21:51-05:00December 11, 2010|

Recently, I opened up SharePlanner to guest postings, primarily on the weekend. Today I have an article from Hung Tran over at SwingDragon, who is also a regular contributor to the SharePlanner Chat-Room, providing lots of solid daily opinions and analysis on the market. His post below outlines a simple swing-trading [...]

Weekly Forecast – Dec. 5th

2010-12-05T09:34:57-05:00December 5, 2010|

Last week I opened up SharePlanner to occasional guest postings, primarily on the weekend, and last week’s blogger and regular contributor to the SharePlanner Chat Room, Adam Beaty, (who has his own blog called Bullogic that is definitely worth checking out when you get the chance) provided us with a Weekly [...]

ICI Reports Largest Equity Fund Outflow In Two Months

2010-07-15T11:44:04-04:00July 15, 2010|

Great Article over at Zero Hedge – a great website if you haven’t yet bookmarked it, speaking to the largest equity fund outflow last week that coincided with the strong market bounce that we saw. Remember how the market surged last week? One would think this may have been driven [...]

Great Interview with Peter Schiff

2010-06-17T13:10:54-04:00June 17, 2010|

I thought I’d post an article for everyone that can be found on Benzinga’s website (a great resource for market information and opinion – so check it out if you haven’t already) which had the opportunity to internview Peter Schiff, who is running for the Connecticut Senate Seat (and if [...]

Dennis Gartman’s Rules of Trading

2023-03-04T09:47:42-05:00May 29, 2010|

As the tradition has always been, I try to post an article that I have found during my reading throughout the course of the week that I have found to be of the most interest and directly applicable to my trading. This week’s article comes from a guest poster on [...]

Top 5 Graphs of the Week – 8 May 2010

2023-03-04T09:47:31-05:00May 8, 2010|

This weekend’s article choice comes from I found the article title intriguing which led me to read more and found the content quite interesting as well. There is a lot of information each week floating out there in the economy, and I can appreciate someone who tries to summarize [...]

The Next Stage of the 2009-2010 Bull Market

2023-03-04T09:47:26-05:00April 17, 2010|

As I do every weekend, below is an article from an outside blog. Each Saturday I try to provide you with a different perspective other than my own to broaden your understanding of the market. This week’s article comes from a popular website called Trading written by a person named [...]

Trading Verus Gambling

2023-03-04T09:47:24-05:00April 10, 2010|

For this week’s weekend reading, I pulled an article off of the Seriously folks, if you haven’t made this website a part of your daily reading yet, you are truly missing out! The articles are top notch, there are probably 10-15 posts by Tim Knight and the guest posters [...]

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