Bullish Swing Trade Setups To Attack This Week

2018-08-27T15:31:03-04:00August 27, 2018|

It is always a bullish market when new all-time highs are being printed day after day.  And that is what we have right now with the stock market. However, if you missed the majority of this move that started back on August 16th, don't get all panicky and start buying [...]

Short Setups-Not That They Matter At The Moment

2018-08-07T14:48:19-04:00August 7, 2018|

Yes, the Boy Scout in me, still has me compiling a list of them.  Actually though, the list has been on fire, and I've even removed a number of them, simply because they have sold off so much since being on there, the idea of getting short them at this [...]

The Just in Case Short Watch-List

2018-07-31T13:27:00-04:00July 31, 2018|

Look, I’m not going to ‘poo-poo’ on this market rally today, but let’s face it: Apple (AAPL) reports after the bell today, and we know that earnings in the technology sector haven’t been the best. Sure Amazon (AMZN) had a momentary pop and Alphabet Google (GOOGL) soared, but then you have the [...]

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