There are a lot of positives and a lot of negatives in this market right now. 

Not all sectors are soaring as you might think. A lot of them are downright miserable. There are also a lot of failed patterns breakouts as you will see below. Those lead the way in terms of worst sectors to be trading in, right now. 

Here’s what I see as the top 3 sectors right now:

  1. Energy
  2. Discretionary
  3. Technology

Healthcare looked great as well and could have been included, but Discretionary is actually breaking through key resistance, while Healthcare is simply trying to at this point. 

The 3 worse sectors are:

  1. Staples
  2. Utilities
  3. Healthcare

And on the last sector analysis I did a couple of weeks ago, industrials had become the worst sector for the market. Today, it is looking much better and probably the fourth best sector out there right now. 

Let’s review the sectors:

Basic Materials (XLB)

xlb 1

Energy (XLE)

xle 1

Financials (XLF) 

xlf 1

Industrials (XLI)

xli 1

Technology (XLK)

xlk 1

Consumer Staples (XLP)

xlp 1

Utilities (XLU)

xlu 1

Health Care (XLV)

xlv 1

Consumer Disretionary (XLY)

xly 1