For the sake of all things sacred, have this market do something significant! Something that matters! Because for the past two years this market has been a worthless heap of crap that can’t trend in any direction that can be sustained for any significant amount of time.  

While I manage to still profit off of these markets, it takes extreme amounts of patience and diligence in doing so. I think the market breaking out to new all-time highs would make no sense at all, but I don’t care, if breaking out to new all-time highs means we can get a sustainable trend, then bring it on. 

But lets face it, I didn’t do this post to pontificate about my market wish-list. I did it to provide an update on how the late night futures are going. There is so much action going on here [sarcasm implied] that you are really going to be jazzed about the open tomorrow! Now time for some shut-eye.

last check of futures