Meredith Whitney has some guts let me tell you. On the day that JP Morgan (JPM) reports postive earnings, and on the eve Goldman Sachs (GS) reports their, she comes out and DOWNGRADES the stock from BUY to NEUTRAL. As you all have probalby learned by now, I despise GS and the manipulative games that they play with the stock market and the manner in which they seem to always get away with it (don’t ever expect the SEC to hold them accountable). In fact if stock symbols consisted of numbers and not letters, I’m sure GS’ stock symbol would be “666”.

Nonetheless, Whitney sited that the stock is overvalued, but did state she believed it would probably beat expectations tomorrow and in the fourth quarter. Even so, I love the fact that she didn’t wait to see what Goldman reported and then jump on the bandwagon like all the other cowardly analysts like to do.

Here’s to hoping that Meredith called the top on the Goldman Sachs Rally (and that it might never see $200 again).

Below is the test of what Meredith said…