Wall Street Nole’s Morning Stocks to Watch for Day-Trading




Check out some of today’s highly anticipated stocks to day-trade while you have your morning coffee. 


 Morning Coffee – Day-Trading Watch-List
1 $PAMT- Watch for a gap and crap out of this stock. IT’s been pumped one to many times and could be getting extended here. It is definitely in play after the pop on Friday.

$TSLA- Has hit a 52 week high as PM shares are trading above $43 this morning. Sales of the model S have exceeded expectations causing the stock to rip higher. I’ve always found this stock to be difficult to trade intra-day but it could perform better with new investors and traders stepping in to play.


$GMCR- Up again in PM after a positive Goldman note this morning. This is becoming one of the best trenders in the market now as it continues to hit higher highs.  PM trading is up about 1.5%.

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