Checking Out Apple and the Fate of Small Caps

2018-10-03T14:59:00-04:00October 3, 2018|

There are some pretty glaring divergences in this market right now (sound familiar?) I thought it would be interesting to show the difference in the charts right now between Apple, (AAPL) which is hitting new all-time highs and breaking out of consolidation today: […]

The Breakdown Head Fake of Stock Trading

2018-05-01T22:58:22-04:00May 1, 2018|

I was burned on a trade today.  I hedged my long positions with a short position because the market started to break down. Within minutes of this happening, the market went on a ridiculous tear to the upside to finish the day in the green.  It didn't take long for [...]

Declining Channel Remains Intact

2017-07-11T08:00:00-04:00July 11, 2017|

The rally took stocks right up to the 20-day moving average before selling off at the close For the past couple of weeks that 20-day moving average has been an absolute pest to the S&P 500 and traders as a whole. Today it kissed the MA and then sold off [...]

Sell-off Negated For Now

2017-07-10T08:50:00-04:00July 10, 2017|

I would have loved to of seen a greater pullback in the market And maybe we still get it right here, but Friday’s bounce was highly problematic for the bears. Simply put, they had the market, as they have had time and time again, on the ropes, with a breakdown [...]

Short Setups If There is a Short-Term Breakdown

2017-05-02T16:00:32-04:00May 2, 2017|

The market refuses to sell-off hard and avoid even a short-term breakdown. Even today, yes you have some downward pressures but all that it has really been good at doing is selling off the market’s afternoon gains of late.  SPX is down 3 out of the last 5 trading sessions. [...]

Stocks to Watch: RRD, MAS, AJG

2017-04-24T01:30:00-04:00April 24, 2017|

Watch list stocks to trade The futures are rocking tonight. Le Pen and that left wing nut didn’t take first and second, so the futures are liking the notion a centrist is likely to win the second round (Macron), as if this is some kind of bracketology, a la March [...]

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