There are a lot of traders out there skeptical of this market (I am for sure!) that don’t want to put their money in too risky of plays should the market reverse course, but on the other hand don’t want to sit this rally out. A good compromise is to look for those stocks that are dependable, stable, collect a respectable dividend and hold their value at the same time. So, I’ve run my screen below on the 24 best defensive plays out there right now. My favorite of all the stocks, like last time is unquestionably McDonald’s (MCD) which keeps on putting in new highs despite the wild swings we’ve seen in the market of late. 

A few others I’d keep an eye on is Chevron (CVX) which has a nice inverse head and shoulders play working in its favor, similar to the one seen on the S&P, and Pepsico (PEP) which is on the verge of a full scale breakout and could see a run up to $80 dollars in the months ahead. 

Here are 24 Defensive Stocks.