This is a new stock screen that I recently put together, which I thought would be of good use to you in finding stocks that should start catching a bid. This is similar to its sister-screen that I call “Stocks That Are Breaking Down”. A lot of these stocks are showing signs of finally gaining some footing in this rough and turbulent market, and could be ready for a full-fledged rally in the coming days/weeks ahead. There is also subtle signs that money is starting to pour into these names in a rather subtle manner. 

A few that really stuck out to me was Harvest Natural Resources (HNR) that has a nice Cup and Handle pattern and could see a rally in to the upper $8’s. I’d also keep a particular eye on Life Partners (LPHI) which has a descent inverse head and shoulders pattern from the past month. Finally Legacy Reserves (LGCY) has a solid trend in place from late 2008, that it pulled back to, offering a low-risk, high-reward trade. 

Here are the 21 Stocks That Are Gaining Momentum.