I’m trying to update this particular screen of stocks starting to breakdown, on at least a weekly basis, and preferably right after a descent bounce in the market, that allows for prices in stocks across the board to recover some. So with Friday’s rally and today’s bearish response, I thought it would be appropriate to re-run this screen again, so that you have ideas-a-plenty for capitalizing on this bear market.

What we have below is a handful of stocks that are showing signs of, or already in the process of, breaking down as the smart money appears to be leaving them in a subtle manner. There are stocks trading at its peak and finally showing some vulnerability, while on the other extreme there are stocks that had been in a channel near or at its lows, before finally breaking down below those previous lows.

Semiconductor is a repeat offender which isn’t a surprise considering they are one of the worst industries since the market hit its 52-week high – down over 20%.

Here are 14 Stocks That Are Breaking Down.