This is by far, one of my favorite stocks screens that I run. I have probably found more winning stocks (and big % ones at that) off of this screen, than any other one that I run. In fact, TICC, mentioned below, is one that appeared on this screen about a month and a half ago, and I bought it at $8.77/share, and has since climed up over 15%, while yielding a 10% dividend.

These stocks make it a habit to trade on their own merits and not that of the market itself. They are often overlooked, but to those who invest their capital in these stocks, the returns that the investors receive are very rewarding. So if you’ve been scratching your head recently as to what direction you should be trading, then the stocks below are probably just what the doctor ordered. However, I do not recommend you going out and buying each and everyone of the stocks listed. Instead put each of these stocks in a watch-list and wait for a minor pull-back to a significant support-level (like APKT of late). Chances are that the support level will hold, just as it has done over the long-haul, and offer a solid reward/risk setup that cannot be ignored.

Here are 13 Stocks That Only Go Up.