Welcome to the world of Options!  This is a very scary world with many twist and turns to help you lose your way.  Options are wonderful tools once you harness the knowledge.  Unfortunately they can be deadly when used without caution.  Don’t just rush out there and put your portfolio at risk; take the time to learn and put yourself in high probability situations.

This is why we have developed Optionology.  To help usher your into the world of options.  We begin at the beginning (Back 2 Basics) by introducing you to their history, showing you what a basic option looks like, and helping you recognize common option definitions.  To help solidify that new knowledge we will walk you through the process of picking, buying, and closing out your first trade.  Once you master those skills we will progress to more complicated topics (Advanced Topics).  Here we will really dive into topics such as The Greeks, what SET means, top mistakes by option traders, using options to pick up stock, etc…  Our advanced section will help put your knowledge above the rest and really focus in on options.  But what good is option knowledge without knowing how to use it?  That is why we laid out every option play (The Plays) there is.  Here we have provided you with the profit/loss graphs and all the details you need to pick that perfect play.  We really drive the plays home by giving you notes on each one letting you know when they are good to use, how to use them effectively, and any other information that provides you an advantage.

Options are an ongoing learning process.  Just when you believe you have them figured they throw another curve at you.  This is why we are constantly updating (What’s New) Optionology.  Continue to check back for new trade reviews, new notes, and new sections.

Still not what you are looking for?  Drop us a line at Adam@SharePlanner.com with any questions you might have.