ES futures did indeed find support yesterday in my 1285-1300 zone as the low was 1298.25.  We got a nice pop off the top end fib support in my earlier chart.  Also, just below today’s low was MP and DS2 support.  The intraday chart shows RSI divergence (bullish) and the downward sloping trendline was broken.  On the daily chart we now have seen back to back doji’s showing selling is losing momentum.  Let’s see if we can get some buying follow through tomorrow to end the week.  I was looking to be a buyer at three different levels and I got in from the first level at 1300.00.  I’ve moved my stop to the lows and I’m looking for a move to the highs ~ 1336.50.  If I get stopped out at 1298, there still maybe some more buying levels lower.  It depends if my buy set-up is still valid.