Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 9/11/16

2016-09-12T06:06:59-04:00September 12, 2016|

It is hard not to feel some sort of vindication following Friday's move. The market had been range-bound for two months. We played both sides of the trade and in the process benefited from both sides along the way. I had basically come to the understanding that the market had [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 9/4/16

2016-09-03T22:49:08-04:00September 3, 2016|

No matter how long you've traded for, and for me it has been in excess of 20 years, you always experience something new, that you have never seen before, and the consolidation of late, might not seem overly unique on the surface, but when you consider that since 1928, there [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 8/28/16

2016-08-28T22:55:58-04:00August 28, 2016|

I feel good about how the week ended for us. It was a tough week initially, but in the end we came out of it better than how we started. Having a mixed bag of longs and shorts has been a solid strategy for us to date, and until we [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 8/21/16

2016-08-20T00:23:08-04:00August 20, 2016|

What a busy week we had. We made a lot of trades - more than we typically make in a given week. The market went nowhere - in fact on the week as a whole, it traded in just a 24 point range on the S&P 500 (SPX). That is [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 8/14/16

2016-08-15T06:04:12-04:00August 15, 2016|

Overall the week was strong for us. The market didn't do us any favors when the gains we held in Netflix (NFLX) over the weekend melted away over the first three trading sessions of last week. Fortunately we jumped back in the trade and made those profits back when it became obvious [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 8/7/16

2016-08-05T18:16:10-04:00August 5, 2016|

This had to be one of the dullest weeks of trading! I say that but the week before that was also dull, and the week before that as well. This is truly what the "Dog Days of Summer" is supposed to be about. Volume is anemic, there is a "whatever" [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 7/31/16

2016-08-01T07:03:08-04:00August 1, 2016|

A solid week of trading despite a market that refused to go anywhere, which has also been the case for the past twelve trading sessions. Friday's move gives a glimmer of hope to the upside, but as has been the case statistically, when July is very strong, August can come [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 7/24/16

2016-07-25T08:13:03-04:00July 25, 2016|

Last week was a quiet week, we've added a few new positions and are now holding them through the weekend.  There are a lot of earnings reports this week, so names like AMZN and AKAM which report this week are guaranteed to be closed before they report.  If the market [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 7/18/16

2016-07-17T16:31:49-04:00July 17, 2016|

What a wild weak! From a short-term perspective, I would have rather seen the market not break out of that range and instead push back lower and through the 2040 level. From a long-term perspective, I'm glad to see this 2134 break and new all-time highs finally get established.  The [...]

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 7/10/16

2016-07-11T07:34:16-04:00July 11, 2016|

The path of most resistance - that is what the market did this past week and since the Brexit bottom. For nearly two years the market has been unable to do anything once it climbs above 2100, being rejected on multiple occasions and leading to sell-offs that wipe out gains [...]

IR Swing Trade

2016-07-05T11:34:10-04:00July 5, 2016|

7/5: Nice distribution overhead, with price being rejected at the $64 level and looking to test the brexit lows again. Tight risk, offering a promising reward.

Splash Zone Weekly Wrap Up: 7/3/16

2016-07-05T06:53:02-04:00July 5, 2016|

To put last week into words and the Friday that proceeded it, will be difficult to do. It is a rarity that price action behaves in the manner that it did. In fact, for the market to be down 4% on the month with only 3 trading sessions remaining, and [...]

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