Trading Block Update

2024-05-02T09:10:23-04:00May 2, 2024|

Trading Notes: FOMC Day was a wild one, and price fluctuated in the last 1.5 hours in ways you don't often see, with a +75 point run up, followed by a -80 point sell-off. This creates a lot of uncertainty here going forward about who is in control, especially when [...]

Closed All of SDS

2024-05-01T14:44:48-04:00May 1, 2024|

I closed out SDS at 26.82 for a +1% profit. Too much buying to hold here. Rather let this play out and re-evaluate the trade setups from here. Ticks are over +1400

Trading Block Update

2024-05-01T08:55:47-04:00May 1, 2024|

Trading Notes: Yesterday saw a heavy sell-off in excess of -1.5% on SPY and almost -2% on QQQ. This took place right at the anchored VWAP off of the all-time highs on both ETFs that I had been watching for a reload of my bearish position. I took a third [...]

Closed 1/3 of SDS

2024-04-30T15:35:11-04:00April 30, 2024|

I closed 1/3 of SDS at 26.91 for a +1.4% profit. Trimming risk ahead of some major risk events after the bell (AMZN earnings) and FOMC tomorrow.

Trading Block Update

2024-04-30T09:17:26-04:00April 30, 2024|

Trading Notes: Extremely low volume yesterday, allowing for the bull's baseline buying to simply push price higher with very little resistance. Intraday sell-offs like the one saw at the beginning of the last hour, was bought up into the close systematically, showing that the algo's are currently buying any and [...]

Trading Block Update

2024-04-30T08:48:33-04:00April 29, 2024|

Trading Notes: We are set for a busy week with AMZN earnings scheduled for Tuesday, followed by FOMC on Wednesday, Thursday is Apple earnings, and then Friday is the employment number. So there is some heavy risk events scheduled for this week, and it is why I think this week [...]

Trading Block Update

2024-04-26T09:17:37-04:00April 26, 2024|

Trading Notes: MSFT and GOOGL saw the market respond favorably to their double beats on revenue and EPS yesterday. Much like the market rallied off the lows following META's sell-off yesterday, you have to be weary of the potential for the market to fade MSFT and GOOGL earnings. Often times when there is [...]

Trading Block Update

2024-04-25T09:25:52-04:00April 25, 2024|

Trading Notes: FDX and GPS were both taken off the watchlist today, as both charts broke down as a result of yesterday's price action. Also, XLV and SPY were removed, as I have already played those trades and closed them out yesterday (phew!). Very ugly gap lower following META earnings yesterday [...]

I closed the following: SSO & XLV

2024-04-24T12:39:35-04:00April 24, 2024|

I closed the following: SSO & XLV I closed the rest of SSO at 71.40 for +0.7% I closed the rest of XLV at 140.43 for +0.9% Heavy selling in big tech raising significant concerns for me here.

Trading Block Update

2024-04-24T00:10:21-04:00April 24, 2024|

Trading Notes: Seeing a decent bounce coming to fruition for the bulls here after three straight weeks of selling. However, chasing new positions here, until there's the confidence that this market rally is more than just a dead cat bounce, sets up for heightened risk exposure. As a result, I'm [...]

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