July 22, 2008

Interesting link to a well known trading system website call GorillaTrades. You might have seen their commercials on CNBC. I believe their saying is “Funny Name, Serious Stock Picks” (I may be wrong on that but its close); nonetheless, plastered on their front page, it states “Investing Just Became EFFORTLESS” – Those types of statements that are found on so many websites trying to lure you into believing that you don’t have to know what the heck you are doing, and you can still somehow become rich, sipping a margarita on a nice white beach.

Well folks, wake up from your dream (and so should GorillaTrades subscribers). To date, there has never been a trading system or a subscription based service that makes investing “effortless”. Typically we don’t call-out our our competitors on this type of garbage, but too many people are lured into a false sense of security.

We offer a subscription service but by no means do we claim that it is effortless. Instead its hard work. It requires that you manage your positions regularly and diligently. We’re here to assist you at making reasonable and sound trading and investment decisions by providing you with a look into how we trade and what we are trading in.

We even go as far as to give you the buy and sell targets. Gorilla Trades will claim to do the same thing but they give you trigger prices and confirmation prices and confirmation volume areas which leave you at the end of the day wondering whether or not you did the right thing by pulling the trigger on a particular stock. We don’t hide behind our winning stocks only, instead we are open with our subscribers on our winners as well as our losers. We manage those picks that go against us, so that their effect on the overall portfolio is minimum at best.

So next time you think about subscribing to someone’s stock picking service, ask youself if they are making it sound too easy – if they are, then it is too good to be true.

Just be carefull out there that you don’t fall for these websites that try to pull you in by thinking they have the “Holy-Grail” of trading systems and effort on your part is nonexistent. That’s total crap