The year 2008 has come and gone, and with it a lot of fortunes, retirements, companies, and hedge funds. It will be a year that will go down as one of the worst ever in the financial and housing markets.

SharePlanner was able to weather the storm like no other financial service – yielding an impressive 13.1% return on our model portfolio for the year (see our Past Performance Page). While we don’t provide the specific trades that we make, unless you are a subscriber, but we can elaborate on some other important details you might be interested in.

For 2008 we were able to do the following:

SharePlanner Annual Return: 13.1%

Percentage of Winning Trades: 48%

# of Winning Trades: 47

# of Losing Trades: 51

Average % Return of 2008 Winners: 10.44%

Average % Return of 2008 Losers: -7.25%

There are undoubtedly a few numbers that stick out at first glance. The first one is the fact we had 4 more losing trades then winning trades. The second is the fact that we still managed to have a return of 13.1%. How do we do that you ask? Frankly it is because we were able to manage our winners by letting the profits run, and cutting our losses short.

Look at the spread between the winning trades and the losing trades: 3.19%. Not much at first glance, but you do that over 47 trades compared to 51 losing trades in the kind of volatile/whiplash like market we were in this past year, and that makes a HUGE difference. Now, I wouldn’t say that we are overly enthused by these results, there are areas where we believe we could have done much better. Our first quarter of the trading year was our best, while the 3rd quarter was the worst. All four quarters of the year were nonetheless profitable, but the summer months was where we saw the greatest negative impact to our model portfolio value.

Going into this year, we have been much more patient with our trades and selective with our entries, and believe that this year will be the best year yet for SharePlanner and its subscribers – so SUBSCRIBE TODAY to get in on the action!