Stocks are a little shaky to start the week, my watch list is most filled with red stocks trading lower. Nonetheless, I have managed to put together a decent list of about eighty stocks that are worth paying close attention to this week. 

Trading My Watch List

With any of these, the key is going to be to use tight stop-losses. The market has had a fantastic run since the election, and while it still may run higher, you can still profit from that by keeping the stop-losses on your positions tight. If the market does indeed rollover here, then you don’t lose the profits that you have earned over the last four-plus months of trading. 

There are also a number of trade setups testing the 5-day and 10-day moving averages that you’ll want to see if they line up with any short or long-term price level support. 

Finally, key in on some stocks that are pulling back with this market, but not breaking any rising trend-lines but testing them nicely and trying to bounce as a result. One possible opportunity that could come that way, if the trend-line holds is found in 3D Systems (DDD), as it pulls back to the trend-line that started off of the November lows. If it closes the day without breaking, and the market decides to rebound tomorrow, this one could play out nicely. 

Here’s my watch list

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