I suspect we’ll keep the bullishness up this week, and stir up the FOMO feelings among traders where they keep piling on with the buying, and the shorts, well they’ll keep getting squeezed like they have been today. 

However, should that not be the case, and this market falters at some point this week, and it could, I’ve put my list of short setups for you to watch. Some of them, are actually still going down, with no bounce in site, while others are bouncing back into resistance or forming a bear flag pattern. Focus on the latter two scenarios, as they come out of oversold conditions. 

As it stands now, I am not shorting into this rally, while I do hope this is eventually a dead cat bounce, I want to ride this current bounce a little while longer, and then get short, when the setups become ideal for shorting. 

Here’s the bearish swing-trading watch-list:

bearish swing trading watch list 10 16 18